Think Story Corp for gamers

I’ll talk with the folks that play the games, facilitate the games, the folks behind the scenes that make cons go and certainly the game creators. We’ll cover the rest of the gamers story, like where games fit in their lives, what’s life after games look like? What was early gaming like?

I’ll also cover what’s happening in TTRPGs that week. what I’m playing or prepping at the table (or online) This show will have a rotating co-host, and sometimes just moi!

With my Patreon backers. This will grow into a solid weekly podcast always freely available, always a fan of gamers and celebrating the things we share in common. For my Patreon backers, I’ll offer exclusive podcasts, a monthly zine, discord access where I’ll schedule games I’ll run. And games at cons.

Support me on Patreon. Let’s make this our regular thing!