Big Damn Hero #3: That Damn Kat!

Big Damn Hero #3: That Damn Kat!

In Champions Now, Edwards talks about the Now, the stuff that’s already in action at the start of a session. We are ‘playing it cool’ with the Now in this session. There are several conversations our anti-hero Kurt has with the authorities and one Charles requested to see play out. And a cliffhanger ending!

Creed “Kat” makes another appearance this issue. You know I’m an X-Man fan. I find Sabretooth fascinating in all his incarnations. Creed is inspired by Sabretooth. In Big Damn Hero we already know she was part of the super-villain group Kurt left and is hunted by. We also know they had a thing. Creed comes from a situation on Kurt’s sheet:

20 Hunted: The Old Gang (small group, inc. superpowers, manipulative)

She’s built out as a super and has situations.

Creed’s Situations

  • Enraged: When Hurt (at 12 body or stun 11-)
  • Unusual looks: 6’4 tall, jacked, tattooed woman. (14-)
  • Reputation: Violent Killer (11-)
  • Attracted to Bone
  • Jealous
  • Hunted: Hephaestus, a PMC
  • Hunted: Federal Marshal Service

These are all bad, awful, terrible for Kurt! Just having Creed hanging out is trouble! For me, a character’s situations are much more grabby than the powers built. It’s like I have TWO cool sets of toys.

Coming up Next:

  • Big Damn Hero - Meta-Talk. We talk about the game and sessions thus far.
  • The extended bar conversation between Kurt and Creed.
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