2Eleven - Return to Coriolis

2Eleven - Return to Coriolis

2Eleven: Coriolis

2Eleven is a bonus episode normally available to patrons only. The series takes a GM, 1 or 2 players and 1 hour of focused play to showcase a role-playing game. In this special series we’ll play roughly four 30 minute sessions.

In this special 4-part series, available to patrons early, Rich Rogers resumes his role as the character Samir as we play Coriolis To Eleven. In today’s episode we get back into Samir’s life, give him a couple of advances and set up the situation for play.

It’s a year after Tabah and Selindrea abandoned Samir on Coriolis station to labor gangers. We check in to find out what our favorite ex-Legionnaire has been doing to keep himself fed.

The original Comic Strip AP series of Coriolis is still available on YouTube and over at The Gauntlet. You can find Rich Rogers on twitter, @Orklord.