Mad jay and the beak

Episode 02: Mad Jay and The Beak!

Episode 02: Mad Jay and The Beak!

Game Talk with Paul Beakley

We spout game-wise with Paul Beakley of Indie Game Reading Club about game convention schedules, Paid DMing, LARPs, and game campaign length. Special Guest: Paul Beakley.

Show Notes:

  • Indie Game Reading Club
  • Game Cons: Dreamation, RinCon, New MexiCon, Gen Con, Origins, Forge MidWest, StrategiCon, PAX Unplugged, KantCon
  • Burning Wheel HQ LARPs Poisonous Ambitions, Inheritance
  • RPGs: Masks, Burning Wheel, Godbound, The One Ring, Corioilis
  • Kickstarter: By Aecer’s Light!