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Episode 12

The GenCon 2019 Rundown


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...usual suspects
A recap of what I did at GenCon 2019.

Show notes

  • Played Ravenous in development by Magpie Games.
  • Ran my ‘By Aecer’s Light’ a Kickstarter Zine for Burning Wheel and Dungeon World.
  • Cyberpunk Red by R. Talsorian.
  • Ran Urban Shadows set in Hoboken, NJ.
  • Played & picked-up Free Spacer with Christoph Sapinsky.
  • Played Pathfinder 2 combat demo.
  • Played Batman Ninja, got a promo deck.
  • Bought Miseries & Misfortunes & Catch the Devil from Burning Wheel HQ.
  • Played and picked-up Keyforge CCG.
  • Played Argent Saga CCG and got a promo deck.
  • Played and bought Star Saga from Mantic.
  • Played & picked-up God’s Forge Card Game.
  • Picked up Over the Edge mega bundle from Atlas booth.
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