Changing the script with Beau Sheldon

Changing the script with Beau Sheldon

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Today we welcome game designer, Beau Sheldon, to the show to talk about his life in gaming. Beau is the creator of Script Change and the author behind Thoughty! He has created several games, the most recent and dear of these being Turn. Beau explains his family background and upbringing and how these have informed creating and playing games in his life. Turn is essentially an exploration of the feelings of alienation and fear he experienced in a small town growing up. It deals with ideas of privilege and hiding, shapeshifting and courage.

We discuss games more broadly and Beau offers some thoughts on what makes a great game. Our conversation covers design, writing, storytelling and connecting to the characters and themes. From there, the interview moves into the online communities and platforms and which of these are best suited for certain users — Beau expresses a great love of Itch and the community that gathers on the website. We discuss conventions, which one Beau is most excited to attend, getting more exposure for lesser-known games and utilizing Beau’s platform for interviews to do this.

Our wonderful chat gets finished off on the topic of a dream game table, and why Beau always gravitates towards the ‘himbo’ characters when selecting who to play with! For all this and more from a truly devoted player and creator from the gaming community, be sure to join us for this episode of Diceology!

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