Goths 247 with Lucian Khan

Goths 24⁄7 with Lucian Khan

It’s Goths…all the way down with Lucian Khan - Diceology 27

I got a chance to sit down with Lucian Khan and talk about quarantine life in NY. His early game roots with NES, and playing “secret” Vampire the masquerade games! Lucian is the creator of Dead Friend RPG (it’s about necromancy!) and he’s wrapping up Visigoths Vs. Mall Goths RPG. We talk about his approach to micro-creations and macro-creations. Lucian and I play in a Liminal RPG game on twitch with the folks from Off the Table where he plays a werewolf priest that is all about the forbidden books - it’s fantastic!

You can find Lucian’s catalog of games on itch.io