Straight outta Kalisz with Geoff Hunt and Neil Carver

Straight outta Kalisz with Geoff Hunt and Neil Carver

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I’ve recorded this conversation with Geoff and Neil from my Twilight: 2000 Saturday morning game. This group, this time slot, and the game are a magical thing for me right now, and I suspect for the four players as well. I wanted to get their thoughts and feels 10 sessions in about the game, the group, and whatever else comes up.

Content warning: Twilight: 2000 is a survival sandbox game set in war-torn Poland in the 2000s. There are parallels with the current invasion of Ukraine and we talk about the early stage of the war in Ukraine.

We’re using Free League’s setup for Foundry VTT and it’s been incredibly useful. ICYMI check out my post The Promise of VTTs.

BIG shout out to The Gauntlet and their Open Gaming program. This game grew out of a one-shot I ran for an Open Gaming weekend hosted by the Gauntlet.

What’s on your game table or shortlist?