The One Ring to Eleven!

The One Ring to Eleven!

The One Ring on Twitch is a wrap at 11 sessions! We’ve traveled from Rivendell to the Cold Fells to Bree and finale in the South Barrow-downs tracking down the fell sorcerer Gorlanc! Rich Rogers of +1 Forward takes the reigns and will run Bounty of the Week in the new year!

Twilight: 2000 - Straight Outta Kalisz the Saturday sessions, we’re two sessions into a gas station firefight! Combat is STRESSful!

Whitehack has been fun on Tuesday nights, I’m digging the fiction that gets generated as players use the groups and vocations they’ve picked.

I ran Mothership Rpg - Desert Moon of Karth for Star Wars Con Special Edition for the Gauntlet. Fixed Ewok cage match. Say No more!!

Headed to PAX later this week.

TWIL: There’s a Cortex community license I’ll take a swing at that! You can check out my madness at Playfearless on substack.

What’s on your game table or shortlist?