The Whitehack Dilemmas - To play or Quit?

The Whitehack Dilemmas - To play or Quit?


Whitehack RPG + Dungeons and Dilemmas to build a crypt.

Twilight: 2000. Base building and sweet, sweet sandbox magic.

Legacy 2E: Life Among the Ruins. Four families and bad virtual dice rolling!

Wrath & Glory A 1v1 game. A Tech-Priest investigates a Space Hulk.


An ex-Stormtrooper in Bounty of the Week on, Rich Rogers of the +1 Forward podcast is running it.

A Buzzard-headed god of death in Godbound Northern Death Pantheon, facilitated by Judd Karlman.

And thinking about Dragons.. 😉

What’s on your game table or shortlist?