Diceology 47: Last Week in Gaming with Jay

Diceology 47: Last Week in Gaming with Jay

We’ve started our second chapter of The One Ring. The fellowship is journeying from Rivendell to Bree in search of that bad, bad, sorcerer!!

Prepping a Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2ED by UFOPress for play with the Gauntlet folks

GauntletCon Open Gaming is coming up and I’m running sessions of Twilight 2K and UVG.

My lady friend has burned up a 4LP Ranger elf for the Burning Wheel RPG. She’s protecting the young elf prince she was supposed to kill for the queen. She has relationships with the murdered elf king’s ghost, the queen-regent(cousin, hateful), and her uncle, now the king!!

Superman and the Authority #3 is confirming my fears. No spoilers, but damn!

Return to Marduk with Judd of the Daydreaming about Dragons podcast. More Dictionary of Mu and Sorcerer gaming on twitch.tv/actualplay

This week I learned about http://fantasycities.watabou.ru/ for mapping cities!

And Inktober is coming!!!

What’s on your play/read list?