Vena and the King of Nothing

Vena and the King of Nothing

Ghosts and Tengu and Owlbears, oh my!

Mad Elle and I set off on our Burning Wheel series. Vena the Elf ranger is on the run with the young Elven prince she was tasked to kill for the Queen-Regent. We learn a bit about the ghost of the murdered King, Tengu in an ancient forest, and an Owlbear!

You can check out our session zero and see how we got here!

Vena, Ranger of the Wilderland. Born Etharch, Attendant, Second, Ranger Relationships:

  • Seeker, prince-in-exile
  • Ghost of the murdered Elf King (Forbidden, Romantic)
  • Queen-Regent (Family, Hateful)
  • Uncle-King (Forbidden)


  • I must protect the prince, we need to find shelter before winter sets in.
  • I will avenge the king by bringing his murderers to justice.