BDH Disassembled Issue 1

BDH Disassembled Issue 1

The Witness Protection Services in Spokane, WA. gets a brand new client. Kurt Renfro. He’s a mid-level super-villain F.K.A Bone from the east. He’s settling into his new life in the WitSec program.

Welcome to our run of Champions Now by Ron Edwards and Hero Games. Charles Picard is playing Kurt Renfro. We start with me monologuing about what we’re doing then Charles and I jump right into our first session of Champions Now. We walk around a day in Kurt’s new life Now and engage some of the game’s mechanics.

Here’s a look at the Situations bought for Kurt Renfro/Bone

  • 10 Secret ID: Bone, mid-level East Coast villain
  • 20 Psych Lim (happens a lot, irrational): Can’t stand to see the Strong take advantage of the Weak
  • 10 Hunted: Detective Armstead, Spokane PD (one person, manipulative)
  • 15 Hunted: “Local Talent” (small group, ordinary, murderous)
  • 20 Hunted: The Old Gang (small group, inc. superpowers, manipulative)
  • 10 DNPC: Kendra from AA (young son, addictive personality, monitored by Child Protective Services)
  • 10 Unusual Looks 11- : Unsettling Aura (BAD DUDE… Ex-con, Ex-cop, Ex-military, Ex-something where people get hurt)
  • 5 Unluck: 1d6

Player’s Corner: Charles Picard

I’m a freelancing RPG enthusiast that’s always looking for exciting collaborators. To check out my varied interests please have a look at my blog:

Gamer. Dad. Writer. Professional Actor (inactive but I’ve still got my SAG card). I’ve lived in just about every region of the US, so I feel like I’ve learned to get along with almost everyone. Currently residing in the East Bay (outside of Oakland, CA). I split my time between chasing my healthy young son around, writing & blogging and trying to keep our household running. I’ve already made a number of great friendships in the area, and have fallen in with more than one gamer who enjoys exploring all sorts of systems. I love where we live; I finally feel like I’ve made it to a place I’m happy to call home.

For my Patreon backers, look for the Big Damn Hero Meta-game episode. I’ll cover my early thoughts about Champions Now, prep work, and how it all pannned out along with some extra commentary from Charles.

Next Issue: 3-Pain and you’re out!

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