Legacy 2E Shenanigans

Legacy 2E Shenanigans

Started Mothership with Judd. I’m playing a character inspired by Fox Mulder. The pitch: Two scientists investigate the disappearance of their professor and the crew of a science vessel.

Twilight: 2000 The discovery of a dead soldier stashed in the woods and a convoy heading toward Barnes’s occupied Polish town, sends Bard and Justin off to extract Tracy and Janush. They decide to confront the polish spook, Phil before sneaking out of the encampment and back to their base in the woods.

Legacy 2E: Gale and Manta-ray kill each other in the Endless city over control of the “Hand” artifact. Gale’s death move sends both players to an eternal hellscape. The artifact is lost to the Endless City. And the Third age begins.

Wrath & Glory: Exotic weapons have been turning up in skirmishes on Gideon Prime. Tasked with investigating the origins of these weapons our favorite Tech-Priest follows a trail that leads him to the Spacehulk - Veritagous.

Playing Elden Ring - dying, wonder, exploring, dying.

Prepping Barbarians of Lemuria: Treachery at Axos Mountains. We have a fully leaned-in sorcerer, a sky-ship pilot, and an amnesiac mercenary being pursued into the Axos Mountains where they hope to find a haven of outcasts to go to ground at.

Improv for Gamers 2e will be on Gamefound by Evil Hat. I’ve got a piece in there as well as a cornucopia of amazing folks, check it out.

And GauntletCon Open Gaming end of March. C’mon out and play!!

What’s on your game table or shortlist?

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